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Financial Literacy for Kids

Anyone from high school to undergrad students can process complex problems and fully imagine the future consequences of their actions. It is critical to have a solid foundation of financial literacy — from the essentials to more complex ideas of growing wealth. It’s time to talk about the biggest expenses you will likely ever have and get ahead of it. 


Approximately 80% of Americans hold some form of debt, whether mortgages, car loans, unpaid credit card balances, medical and legal bills, student loans, or a combination of those. With college on the horizon, it is decisive to learn about taxes, good vs. bad debt, and how handling them responsibly can empower your financial future. Wise practices and conservative choices can give you the ability to weather difficult financial times on your own. Once someone has a comprehensive understanding of the way personal finance works, they’ll have the confidence to make bolder moves when they’re older.


It is imperative to understand how to earn and save money, budget for the future, and keep your savings safe in a bank. If you want to invest and grow your wealth, it’s time to know the options and understand the risks. Here on this site, we take you through a journey of “Financial Literacy”, where you can stay informed and make sound decisions. Please browse or subscribe to stay abreast with all the latest financial tidbits.


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From a young age, Urvi has been passionate about economics and finance, and recognizes the importance of introducing these lessons to kids from a young age. She hopes that through the Kids Investment platform, like-minded individuals will be able to connect, share, and learn from one another.