Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Who are we


It’s all about financial literacy for kids and taking charge of our future. We started off as small group of kids in high school talking about money and investments, what we can do to increase our awareness and be prepared for the real world. From a handful of kids to a large number in no time, we thought of expanding this initiative to a website where we could network between like minded kids, do some research, share and present our thoughts, and have an organized approach of furthering our knowledge. All this while having fun and making connections…


Group Guidelines:


1) Members

a. Anyone from high school to undergrad students can join group. Middle schoolers with passion for finance can also join. 

b. New members will introduce themselves and complete the exercises that have been already done by the group. The list of exercises will be posted on a regular basis.


2) Activity Participation

a. It is important that members actively participate in group activities

b. At times views could differ but we all have to respect each other’s views and no derogatory remarks will be tolerated. Non-behaving members could be removed by the admins


3) Presentations

a. We will have two monthly presentations. Since members are spread across the US and India, we will discuss day and timings to come to a consensus.  I'll start with the first couple of presentations and then interested members can reach out to me if they would like to present. We will discuss and finalize presentation topic

b. We will also regularly have guest /professional speakers

c. To be a part of the presentation group, members must have participated in at least 80% of the group exercises


4) Members

a. Members are free to leave the group if they are not interested.


We will also have a YouTube channel where we will upload our presentations and activities.