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Vice President Incedo

Atul Kakar

I saw a big mindset shift for my daughter (actually even mine) when she became part of the kids finance group. Aru can now differentiate between companies based on the valuation, PE, PS and all the other technical parameters which just 2 months back were greek to her. She suggest me of what to buy and when to sell and make sure I dont get into FOMO when the market is running. Looks like both her and Agni pariksha keeps me in checkšŸ˜œ. Congratulations Urvi for pioneering such an effort at this young age. You are bringing change in peoples lives and I sure you parents are very proud.

Best of luck and keep rocking.

Individual Investor

Rinesh Jain

Agni Pariksha takes a structured & disciplined approach to investing and takes away emotion from decision making. AP evaluates a company based on fundamentals, technical, history about management/founders, company plans and revenue/sales growth. It is an excellent tool helping us get far better and higher returns than index funds

Small time investor

Raj Jain


Jitu Bhurat

I have always been a long term investor. I like to buy stocks and hold, but finding quality stocks has been hard. Agni Pariksha with its methodical approach not only helps finding these stocks, but also helps in identifying the best time to invest in those stocks. It also helps in finding these stocks much earlier than paid services/analysts recommending them.

Esha Mittal

Financial literacy is essential to learn about in modern days as it surrounds everyone where ever they go. Learning from a young age will help children grow up with an idea on how to manage their money responsibility while growing it. Investing in this opportunity will help people of all ages learn to avoid mistakes involving their income and taxes.

Sudip Gupta

Investing in the stock market is riddled with irrational moves induced by our "behavioral biases". This makes the journey and eventual financial performance of many individuals subpar, The AP is a basic tool to understand various fundamentals of a particular stock which is a key pre-requisite to invest wisely. The initiative by the young minds towards this goal is a key move towards this direction and a highly laudable. effort This instils and cultivates the financial knowledge to succeed in the market.

Div Kumar

I got introduced to Agni Pariksha through a common friend with Anil, and since then my philosophy and approach to stock picking has become so much refined! It is a very intelligent tool designed to pick the best disruptors in the market. When Anil mentioned his daughter Urvi is starting this program to develop the same rigor and understanding with kids , it was a no brainer to have my kids join the program. My daughter had gotten introduced to stocks investment as a part of her PACE program in school and while observing me , and when I explained to her what Urvi had undertaken , she wanted to join the juggernaut! She has learnt so much since joining Urviā€™s group. It is a life long lesson on stocks which no one should miss !

Director Infosys

Jalaj Sachdeva

AP is a tool to fundamentally analyze the stocks with parameters like management , PS ratio , market shares etc. It involves spending time to understand the company better with all publicly . available information. The scoring mechanism helps to compare various stocks and there valuations. A 2000 usd stock can be cheap and a 20 usd stock can be expensive. It also gives strategies to enter , double down and all in. It keeps getting improvised based on learnings . I hope investors use it well and put in the required effort to avoid making investing mistakes and make sound decisions.

Individual investor

Ankur shah

Investing in stock market is Science, I have been in stock market for many years but lately I have well educated and became more discipline once I studied the AP process, I highly recommend to everyone to understand what goes behind this process.
Thanks to Anil Bhojani and Urvi Bhojani to spread the knowledge to the community.
Urvi is excellent teacher as my kids got benefit from her stock investment initiative to young kids.

Girish Vermani

Finding hidden gems in muddy water is what this tool is all about.Ā The process of investment involves careful analysis of the stock business model, financials, growth prospective and the risk to return. AP tool provides ability to identify good growth stocks which are less known but have high potential.

A comprehensive framework, Agni Pariksha promotesĀ strategic investing instead of speculative investing.

Great asset for all level of investors.

Mitesh Shah

Very well thought out approach for vetting the viability of a specific company. Lot of products are there in the market which provides potential of a company however Agni Paraksha provides holistic criteria ranging from international growth, leader (CEO), PE ratio, growth etc. The accuracy of the performance based on all the research done over a year has provided spot on indication whether to invest, hold or wait and watch. Look forward the latest version of AP 3.0, which would be further scaled and help many more investors like me.

Ashwin Jain

Investing is hard and finding companies that could potentially provide long term capital gains is even more difficult. Relying on print and other media, or listening to word of mouth is not a strategy. Agni Pariksha consolidates some of the critical factors that one should consider and probe before putting their money in any given stock. It helps provide a framework for individuals to do their own due diligence and rate companies based on specific criteria. If anything, this helps in enforcing a disciplined approach to investing.

Individual Investor

Kirti Hingher

I have always understood the importance of investing,but due to time constraints could never research quality stock on my own. The last market downturn cost me a significant portion of my portfolio which made me realize the importance of disciplined investing and that is when I started using AP diligently. The comprehensive nature of AP helps in identifying & assessing a growth stock at its early stage by grading every fundamental aspect of a stock. This easy to use tool has made me a better investor and helps me
outperform the market every year.


Anant Honap

Agni Pariksha (AP) has given a complete new direction on deep diving and providing quantified output on any stocks. The tool is very holistic and includes the most important parameters to make a decision on investing in any stock. This tool is a great framework that has been built with lot of learnings/experience from years of Investing. Evaluating stocks thru the Agni Pariksha tool has made me a better and more successful investor. With the help of AP, I can understand price entry & exit strategies ahead of the market. I have used AP myself and invested based on its recommendation. Great tool.

10th grader

Aryan Avadhanam

As a beginner investor, I was pretty clueless about stocks for a while. The AP tool completely changed that. I learned how to judge a company based on its statistics, and the stocks that the tool helped me pick are doing great! I love how it's as simple as researching the stats, plugging it into the tool, and the output is there for you! This is a very useful tool, thanks for providing us with it.

Associate Director , Cognizant

Ravi Kandukuri

Agni Pariksha tool is a great framework that has been built with lot of learnings/experience from years of Investing. It has taken into consideration all the best possible Qualitative and Quantitative factors . This framework and discipline has surely taken my investment into the next level where in the losses are minimized and higher chances of making good returns than the S&P index.

Congratulate Urvi for taking this great initiative in terms of sharing the knowledge and educating the next generation kids. Best Wishes


Kamesh Chikka

AP provides a great disciplined approach to identifying growth stocks. It captures the essence of key factors driving the growth of a disruptor, enabling identification of such opportunities well before they are catapulted to fame.

Nitin Sathawane

Earlier my Investment research was all about reading analyst papers, opinions and news. Agni Pariksha has given a complete new direction on deep diving and providing quantified output on any stocks. The tool is very holistic and includes the most important parameters to make a decision on investing in any stock. I personally have benefitted on 3 stocks that I researched on AP. Thank you AP team and I look forward for more guidance and coaching.

Shashi Mittal

AP tool takes stock analysis on a different level like leadership, past and future earnings, revenue growth, PS ratio, Market size and their future growth prospects all can be analyzed based on AP. I do recommend this to everyone as a first step before investing in any company. I have used AP myself and invested based on its recommendation. Great tool. šŸ‘


Sarma A

The Agni Pariksha tool provides a framework that blends technical & fundamental investing styles. I have a far better understanding now of valuation ( Price / Sales & growth projections ), growth vs value , how MOAT matters and why winners win big thanks to this framework. We can understand price entry & exit strategies ourselves , ahead of the market. No amount of tutorials & course content gave me the clarity & confidence as this tool! Brilliant.

Urvi has shown fantastic initiative , drive in leading the investing group for high school kids and my son is now a mini analyst thanks to her :-)


Surya Rao

Agni Pariksha has the most important questions to ask before investing your money. It has items which are not covered in valuation like keeping track of lockup expiry dates. Great initiative by youth.

Technology Executive, Microsoft

Vivek Arya

Investing one's hard earned savings in stock market could be a daunting proposition for average Joe. The literature published to educate a common investor on ways to evaluate a stock is voluminous and quite complex..thus leaving one unsure of his/her abilities to invest. Before using Agni Pariksha to evaulate my potential stock investments, my personal investments in stock market have underperformed for the very same reason where I have always failed to evaluate some aspect of a company which later lead to unexpected decline in its stock price. I have always yearned for a comprehensive checklist of factors to consider while evaluating a stock .

Agni Pariksha meaning "Trial by fire" provides not only that comprehensive checklist but also provides guidance on valuing a stock by calculating a weighted score for each of the checked factors by taking into consideration the observed impact of each of the factors in the stock price. It is surprisingly simple but "ingenious" tool which I have greatly benefited from. I would highly encourage anyone with intent to invest in stock market to consider using this tool to evaluate their potential stock investments.

Senior Vice President, BNY Mellon

Sunil Ranka

Exciting and Intuitive way of having discussions and sharing knowledge of finance through WhatsApp and now through the website. Kids love the practical approach and "Even better, they are receiving a basic education in money and investing that will benefit them for the rest of their lives."
Agni Pariksha (AP) section has a great methodical approach that enforces high discipline to find significant growth stocks. The best thing is that a novice can leverage it and step into the stock market confidently. It provides multiple entry points and exit point details, i.e., when to buy/sell a stock position. It is hard to find such quality of advice even on other paid investment services.

Finance Director Bristol Myers Squibb

Suketu Desai

Evaluating stocks thru the Agni Pariksha process/tool has made me a better and more successful investor. It has disciplined me to focus on very important aspects of a company, in particular the following: the company's strategy and whether it is a disruptor in the market place; CEO and founder and his ability to lead a successful start up; TAM; patents to name a few. The Agni Pariksh tool through its focus on revenue growth and Price to Sales ratio better guided me on key entry in specific stocks which has led to 2/3/4x returns. It is a great investing tool I recommend to all investors!


Deepak Makkar

AP gives the wholistic view for the growth stocks taking into consideration all the aspects like history , current and future projections. It's very helpful for anyone who's new to investing. Very Insightful and useful. Liked it very much


Pradeep Jain

AP algorithm is a very detailed method to screen growth stocks. It is light years ahead of other screen tools and tip providers, it uses weighted point method, which is tuned over years by thought leadership and verified to give good investment decision screening. I love the part where it recommends entry point, double down criteria and exit point. Definitely a must have for growth stock screener

Manoj Ostawal

AP process provides a wholistic investment methodology. Have leveraged it quiet a bit and benefited. Please continue the good work

Deepak Golecha

AP gives me a very holistic view about company being researched. Have been using it for few stocks and so far everything has worked. Scoring on various parameters (technical, fundamental, growth, moat) gives a good perspective and idea about a stock you are trying to invest. Good tool for investor with long horizon.